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             Feel great inside by
          restoring hope in a veteran
          and make a huge impact in
           their life and morale.
             Send a gift with your good thoughts to
            American troops overseas.
Easy, fun and heart warming.



               My Dad was my inspiration…


My father, Sergeant Frederick Kirchhubel, fought in WWII as a Ball Turret gunner and flew over 30 missions in a B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber. He loved to get letters from his girlfriend. (Later my mom)

His sacrifice, I cannot imagine.

I thought,… There are tens of thousands of Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters overseas and I want to send something to as many veterans as I can, with an object that they can easily keep to help remind them that they are being thought of.


Time and time again I hear and read that soldiers, above all else, just want acknowledgement, encouragement and to know that they are not forgotten.

My Father’s  CONTINUED HOPE through the war, from letters back home, gave me this inspiration…
Send a... “THINKING OF YOU" brass token with a card and a personal note.   ~   The coin is an easy to carry and forever-lasting gift. 
My wife and I sent over 500 of these gifts overseas to U.S. soldiers, but I wanted this to be sustainable program because I couldn't keep sending thousands like I wanted to...  so, I decided to make them available for anyone that sends one to a veteran overseas too... for barely enough to produce and ship them.  Less than half of these coins will be available for the public. No exceptions.  My #1 Rule.   The majority are for veterans overseas!
Brass Peace was born! ... and so I started to raise the spirits, hopes and morale of our fine troops.           
Hope is sometimes everything!                                                                                                                          Click here for full description of a gift
Create Support Block
                         These are gonna go quick

Below, I've created a veteran support structure. Beneath the image of the troops you will find carefully laid blocks that support the veteran's image. Each block represents a person or business that has decided to commit a certain amount of funds each month to send Brass Peace gifts to our troops overseas.

These blocks hold either a name or image and one link on each block. The link may take you to their website, twitter / facebook account, or to a dedication site. The yellow blocks indicate a memorial to a deceased veteran along with which war they served in. Click one of the yellow blocks to see what I mean.

For as little as $2.50 each, you can send a veteran your custom printed note with a BrassPeace gift every month HERE and have:
+    A name and link or image (image is for size 2x or larger) added to the picture below
+    Your personal note to the veteran printed on premium stationary along with the Brass Peace Card
+    Your name, contact info, note, card and coin sent directly to a veteran overseas 
+    Information every month on what country and which military division your gift went to
+    Your contact information added so the veteran can respond to you directly   

  Can you purchase one for yourself and not for a veteran too?   Nope

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